How Fast Do E-Bikes Go?

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If you’re in the market for an e-bike, the very first question to cross your mind is probably: How fast do e-bikes go? These advanced, two-wheel models travel faster than a traditional bike does, thanks to the addition of a motor, but does that mean they can actually go faster than their stated top speed? Let’s dive into all of those questions and more.


How Fast Do E-Bikes Go?

The short answer is that most electric bikes will have max speeds of 20 MPH, though some are able to reach 28 MPH. And no, you likely won’t be able to travel much faster than those speed limits. From the Bluejay e-bike lineup, the Premiere Edition tops out at 20 MPH, while the Bluejay Sport is a touch more powerful and can hit that higher 28 MPH range. It’s worth keeping in mind that the amount of weight you’ve loaded onto your electric bike will affect how fast you can ride. If it’s just you on the bike, you should be able to reach those top speeds. But if you’ve equipped your bike with a packed cooler or a child seat and a tiny passenger, you’ll be increasing the payload on the bike, which causes your motor to work harder at its job of propelling you forward. 

An easy way to remember how fast an e-bike can travel is to know that the speed limits are based on the classification of the bike itself. In the US, there are three different classes that are based on operation, speed and also wattage. 

What are the e-bike classifications?

Class 1 E-Bike

These e-bikes operate with pedal assist, which means the rider must be actively pedaling in order to activate the motor. This category of bikes can travel up to 20 MPH and must have a max motor wattage of 750W. This is the classification that Bluejay’s Premiere Edition falls into, which makes it great for riders who prefer a bit of extra speed for regular cruising and commuting, but don’t need to be the fastest rider on the road (or the bike path). 

Class 2 E-Bike

Similarly, these electric bikes have a max speed of 20 MPH, but the main difference between Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes is that this particular group is powered by a throttle. That means pressing a button located on the handlebars or twisting the grip of your handlebar will accelerate your bike forward to max speeds. Note that this category of bike can combine pedal assist with throttle.

Class 3 E-Bike

The fastest of the bunch, a Class 2 e-bike can travel up to 28 MPH with a wattage of 750W and higher. The Bluejay Sport falls into this category, offering a speedy and powerful ride through uneven terrain, city streets and everywhere in between. Since these bikes tend to hit such high speeds, there are some additional rules and regulations around riding them, including some more stringent age restrictions. Just be sure to check the legislation in the area where you’re riding, as these laws vary from place to place.

Can an e-bike go faster than its max MPH?

The answer here is usually no. The electric assistance of an e-bike’s motor cuts out when the limit is reached—and since these bikes tend to be a bit heavier than traditional bikes, due to the addition of a motor and a battery pack, the top speed is as fast as you’ll be able to travel on these bikes. 

So, while an e-bike can certainly help you ride further and faster than a traditional bike (requiring you to put in a lot less effort to do so), there is a cap on how fast your electric two wheels can ride. But don’t worry, it won’t hinder you from exploring, adventuring or journeying further. 


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