Bluejay Quickstart Guide

This Quick Start Guide is a general guide to help you get your Bluejay up and running. We recommend visiting your nearest bicycle shop for assistance with any maintenance or repairs. Be sure to keep this Guide handy as your go-to source for information and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the safe operation of your bicycle.

Ride a Bluejay the same as you would any bicycle, except now you have five levels of pedal assist gives you a boost when you want it. How to turn on the display To turn on, press and hold down the power (switch) button until the screen lights up.

How to turn on the display

The LCD screen displays your battery life, mph, miles remaining on charge and pedal assist level. To increase the pedal assist, press the (+). This will give you more power when you pedal. To decrease the pedal assist, press the (-) button. This will give you less power as you pedal.

Adjust your seat height

Adjusting your seat is easy! Lift the quick release lever to loosen and adjust the seat post up or down to a comfortable height. Make sure the seat post remains in the frame past its minimum insertion point. Secure the quick release lever to lock the seat post in place so it cannot move. You’ll know your seat is at the correct height when your leg is almost fully extended with a slight bend at the knee.

How to Shift Gears

Your Bluejay Electric Bicycle is equipped with a top-of-the-line, Shimano Alfine 8-speed internal gear hub that makes gear shifting smooth and effortless. To decrease resistance (AKA make it easier to pedal uphill, use your thumb to click the gear lever of the inside of the handlebar.

To increase resistance (AKA make it harder to pedal) use your pointer finger to click the gear lever in front of the handlebar. Ensure the bike is moving forward and the pedal force is reduced during shifting.

How to Use the Hand Brakes

Your Bluejay is equipped with powerful hydraulic disc brakes. To activate front brake, grip and squeeze the brake lever on the left handlebar.

To activate rear brake, grip and squeeze the brake lever on the right handlebar. To ensure safety, use both brakes at the same time.

How to Remove and Attach the Battery

Insert key and twist left to unlock battery. With key still twisted, slide battery out to the right. To reattach, slide the battery back in from right to left until you hear it click. Be sure to check the latch has hooked by pushing against the battery. Now you’re ready to ride!

How to Charge the Battery

Plug the charger cable into any standard 3-prong electrical outlet. Remove the rubber cover from the charging port and insert the cable into a power socket. When the battery is fully charged the indicator light will turn green.

Battery Safety Information

  • Only charge the battery with the charger originally supplied by Bluejay Electric Bicycles, or a charger purchased directly from Bluejay Electric Bicycles, designed for use with your specific bike serial number, as approved by Bluejay Electric Bicycles.
  • Never charge the battery with a different charger, which could cause damage to your bike, the battery, the charger, personal property, and/or serious injury or death.
  • The charger plugs into standard home AC power outlets (110/220 V/50/60 Hz) and automatically detects incoming voltage.
  • Only use the charger indoors in a dry, well- ventilated area, on a flat, stable, hard surface, away from sunlight, dirt or debris.
  • Only use the charger with the indicator light facing upwards. Using it with the light facing downwards inhibits cooling and reduces the charger lifespan.

Other important information

  • There are two sets of keys for your bicycle. They are contained in the pouch with your Owners Manual.
  • There are 4 identical keys on one ring. These are used for removing the battery from the bike.
  • Your toolkit includes complimentary touch-up paint and a white reflector for the handlebars.

For questions or concerns

Please reach out to us at support (at) bluejaybikes (dot) com.