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Rolling hills. Towering trees. Oceanside cliffs. Endless fields of green.These are just a few of our planet’s wonders that can be viewed from behind the handlebars of a Bluejay e-bike.

Join us on this flight for a cleaner, greener planet by making sustainable grocery swaps, pledging to use less plastic or choosing to bike instead of driving.  

Take Flight with a Light Footprint

🌎 Compared to a gas-guzzling car that emits fumes, harmful emissions and quite a bit of noise, a Bluejay e-bike is a quiet, eco-chic, pollution-free choice.

🌎 You’ll emit far less CO2 on our e-bikes than you would while panting up a storm on a traditional bike, all thanks to that battery-operated motor.

🌎 E-bikes are proudly considered zero-emission vehicles, so go ahead and brag about your green mode of transportation.

🌎 While e-bikes and bikes currently account for 6% of miles traveled in cities, increasing that number to 14% by 2050 would lead to an overall 11% reduction in carbon emissions.

Get Ready To Ride Sustainably.