How to Choose the Right-Sized Bluejay Electric Bike

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When it comes to choosing the perfect e-Bike, size does matter! 

A bike too small will cramp your pedaling, make riding more difficult and cause your energy expenditure to be less than efficient. On the flip side, a bike that is too big will handle poorly and be unsafe for you to ride and mount/dismount.

Before deciding on your Bluejay, knowing your accurate height measurement will ensure you choose the perfect size.

Thankfully, we’ve made it easy for you with this simple chart to help guide you: 



5'5" and under


5'6" and over


*Bluejay’s have an adjustable seat post, with a range that can be extended by +/- 3 inches, depending on your body proportions.  While the standard range listed above is 5’0” - 6’0”, we have seen a range of 4”9 - 6”3 who can ride comfortably, simply by adjusting the seat. 

For your convenience, there are a couple of ways to customize your Bluejay so it fits you perfectly!

Adjust your seat height 

Adjusting your seat is easy! Check out the video below:


Adjust the handlebars

For your comfort, the handlebar stem can move up and down, giving you the option to choose how upright you’d like them to sit.

Luckily, we’ve made this adjustment easy for you!


Still not sure?

Please do not hesitate to contact US +1 (888) 654-9913 for a personal fit consultation.

Ready to take flight?

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