People Can’t Stop Talking About Their Bluejay Bikes—And We Can’t Blame Them

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We consider ourselves to be a humble little bike company but we also can’t help but be excited when people say really nice things about us. Especially when they want to share about how their Bluejay bike makes them feel or when they tell us about their favorite memory on their e-bike. Here, find all of the latest rave reviews, media mentions and comments that put a smile on our faces—and encouraged us to take a ride after work today.  

Your eyes aren’t fooling you. InStyle just confirmed a Bluejay bike is the perfect accessory.

Just add bike shorts and sandals or a really cute knit vest. InStyle included our bikes in this story on how to look cute while riding—without looking like you tried too hard. That effortless vibe is exactly how we think you should approach a day of pedaling. 

One happy customer shared her review with a warning: these bikes are in *very* high demand.
"Thank you for my beautiful bike!! The bike shop wanted to keep it as they said it was such great quality. I absolutely love it!!” 

Another Bluejay rider used her e-bike to discover the key to daily happiness.

"I’ve ridden my Bluejay every day and LOVE it!" says Cheryl G. We bet she’s putting that battery pack to good use, because without it, a simple hill can have the power to ruin a day.


Page Six called Bluejay one of the best electric bikes out there.

And while this publication said these two wheels are great for spring and summer, we’d like to add that Bluejays have an all year round appeal. Though we’d have to agree with this sentiment: “Get your stunning electric bike shipped out to you...kicking off the summer in style.” 

One husband was able to use our bike to discover the ultimate compromise. 

”My wife is anxiously awaiting the delivery of her Bluejay,” Andrew M. says. Adding: “She told me I cannot have a Tesla until her e-bike arrives.”  Something tells us he’s sitting on the front porch right now, impatiently anticipating a Bluejay electric bike delivery…

And we found what might be the best review of all time. 

In it, Abigail T told us about her most memorable ride. She wrote: "I just got home from a bike ride and I can't even tell you how much I love it. It brings me so much joy and honestly I tell everyone about how amazing it is.” Honestly, we love to hear it.

By the way, we’ve got proof that we stand out from the crowd—in a good way.
Here’s what Andrea B. had to say: “Yesterday, when I was taking my dog for a walk I saw a woman ride by on my exact bike. Same color and accessories, too. It is even more beautiful in person! Absolutely gorgeous. Up here in Marin it is bike central—all types of bikes and also where the sport of mountain biking was born. But oh la la, nothing comes close to the Bluejay! :)”


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