MBB Surfboard Rack

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Color Silver

Surfing is so much better when you don’t have to drive to the beach! We were frustrated with the surfboard bike racks on the market. They lacked quick releases on the bars and were wobbly with longboards, and that’s how the MBB Surfboard Rack was born. MBB Longboard Racks are the best racks you can buy for getting your longboard to the beach with your bicycle. Our patented quick-release bars allow you to remove the bars with the push of a button when not in use, and quickly reinstall them when it is time to go surfing. Frame mounting with wide bar spread makes these racks far more stable than other racks on the market. Because of their strength we can recommend them for use with SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards) that weigh up to 25 lbs. All aluminum and stainless construction for coastal environments. Hardware is highly adaptable allowing the racks to work with just about any bike, and just about any board from short to long to SUP.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful bike. Love it!

Kimberly R.
The perfect bike

I’m 73,years old and I feel just like a girl again on my gorgeous Bluejay bike🌸

Bluejay premium, Navy Blue

I’ve had bikes most of my life, even an electric bike before. The Bluejay bike is the best ever!! It is smooth to ride, shifting is smooth. To cruise down bike paths and enjoy the scenery is my new favorite thing to do!! Love this bike! And its absolutely beautiful, clearly designed and made with great pride!

Janet S.
Greatest bike, greatest staff

Friendly staff that are customer service oriented! They held delivery of my bike for over a week because I was out of town. When I returned they shipped my bike for the next day! They included a personal thank you note which I thought was amazing!

Sarah N.
Great purchase.

The bike is great.