Peak Design Universal Cell Phone Bike Mount & Universal Adapter

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Peak Design Universal Bar Mount: 

Designed for a wide variety of mounting setups, this universal cell phone bike mount securely holds your phone on the handlebars, stem, or frame of any bike, scooter, stroller, motorcycle, golf cart, and more. The silicone band attaches snugly to a wide-range of standard bar diameters and can be repositioned easily.

This bike phone holder features an ultra-strong magnetic/mechanical mounting technology (called SlimLink) that grabs and locks your phone so effortlessly, it feels like magic. Remove your phone instantly with the push of a button. Easily switch between portrait and landscape alignment without removing your phone. The mounting head clocks in 32 discreet positions so you can position your phone level on any handlebar style. Quickly move this mount from one place to another, or remove it at the end of your ride in places where theft is a concern.

Peak Design Universal Adapter: 

This universal adapter adheres to smooth, non-textured, non-porous case materials like hard plastic and metal. It is not recommended for soft or rubbery surfaces like silicone or leather. Installing directly on your phone is not recommended. Wireless charging may not be possible or optimal with the adapter installed. This adapter contains magnets that may interfere with stylus accessories like the Samsung S-Pen.

Customer Reviews

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Alan S.
Beach Community

Our new Bluejay bike has a perfect home in our beach community. Great looking and great performance.
Thanks to everyone.

I wanted Seattle to feel like Copenhagen....

... and my Bluejay has absolutely realized that dream for me. It's effectively flattened the hills of the city. Even my hardcore cyclist husband is huffing and puffing to keep up. And I still get a good workout! I love my Bluejay.


Having the best time. Never ridden a better looking, smooth easy ride than BLUEJAY!

Pamela E.
Wizard of Oz lady

I just received my ochre yellow bike with twin straw baskets and a straw helmet no less! I am in my seventies and love the idea of traveling to markets and shops mostly on trails to get more exercise. The cycle itself will motivate me. The company was kind, wonderful with service even a great young woman rode it to my home. Reminds me of the cycling old woman in wizard of Oz!

Karlene G.
Burley Bee Bike Trailer is great!

I love this trailer! Super simple to put together fold up for storage when not in use. Super smooth ride and my baby loves it!