8 Top Summer Biking Destinations In the US

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Haven’t planned a summer vacation yet? No sweat, because we’ve pulled together the 8 best summer biking destinations in the US where you can really make the most of your Bluejay’s impressive features. This list combines long and winding trails through gorgeous state parks, a bike-friendly highway along the Pacific Coast and even a rail trail that skirts some historic native land. Covering almost every corner of the country, there’s sure to be terrain that suits your e-bike riding abilities—and features the nature you’re itching to see (wildlife included). Before booking your trip, double and triple check that your destination is welcome to e-bike riders, especially if they differentiate between Class 1 e-bikes, like the Premiere Edition, or Class 3 e-bikes, like the Bluejay Sport.

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Biking Destinations

1. Highway One - Big Sur, CA

The very best way to soak up California’s most stunning coastal views are from Highway One. And we’re confident that you’ll have an even better time from the seat of your Bluejay Sport than behind the steering wheel of your car—since you’ll be adding fresh air and slightly slower speeds into the mix. Be sure to map your route before heading out, as some stretches of this road can include some breath-taking cliffs and steep hill climbs, which could be tricky if you’re a greener rider. However, you should definitely plan to ride between Carmel and Cambria, stopping at Ragged Point and Hearst Castle along the way. Just don’t forget your camera (and yes, your phone camera works), as you’ll want to snap pics of the stunning seaside vistas. This roadside adventure will require you to cruise alongside vehicles and although there are shoulders to ride on, they can sometimes be pretty narrow. But trust us, cruising alongside an endless stretch of the Pacific Ocean makes it all worth it.

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2. Trail 401 - Crested Butte, CO

If you’ve only ever traveled to Colorado during the winter months to enjoy some powder, you’re really missing out on a lush, natural alpine biking destination. The good news for your quads is that your e-bike will handle the tough terrain or the singletrack Trail 401 like a champ. Seriously, pedal assist on the Bluejay Sport will make this 14.1 mixed terrain ride feel like a breeze—especially considering the fact that you’re situated at 11K feet above sea level. Once you reach the summit, you’ll get some incomparable vistas of the Elk Mountains and find yourself totally wowed by the fields of wildflowers that accompany the descent to follow. But that’s not all; Trail 401 also includes passes through aspen groves and winding routes around alpine lakes and “The Plug,” which is an almost permanent snowfield around mile four. How’s that for a brag-worthy ride through the great outdoors?


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3. Carriage Roads in Acadia National Park - Bar Harbor, ME

This might be the location of the highest rocky headlands on the Atlantic coast, but it’s not all steep hills. In fact, Carriage Roads is a 45-mile network of paths, covered in crushed rock, where bikers and hikers (and horseback riders!) can explore without worrying about cars zooming by. There are also 27 miles of roads where cars are allowed and an additional 158 miles of hiking trails. While it’s often too cold and snowy for riding in the winter, Acadia is a great summer spot that will be sunny and warm but not too hot, which explains why this is among the 10 most visited national parks in the country. FYI, Class 1 e-bikes are allowed everywhere that traditional bikes are. Plan to squeeze in an extra early start at least one day, so you can cruise up Cadillac Mountain and catch the sunrise from the highest peak of the park. 

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4. Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes - Plummer and Mullan, ID

Hitting the perfect balance between paved paths and unbound wilderness is the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes, a 73-mile route that’s mostly flat and open to class 1 and 2 e-bikes. Bring along the whole family and tackle this adventure in two days, setting aside plenty of time to do some wildlife viewing along the banks of the Coeur d’Alene River and taking a dip in one of the three lakes in Heyburn State Park. Along your ride you’ll encounter the Snake Pit, which is well-known as the oldest restaurant in Idaho. It’s been around since 1880—though the food is certainly modernized—and makes for a great refueling stop.

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5. Cades Cove Loop Road, Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Townsend, TN

For relatively novice bikers who want to test out rolling hills without getting too far out of their comfort zone, the Cades Cove Loop Road offers everything you could possibly want. The 11-mile loop will accommodate every level of rider that will take you into the Smoky Mountains for endless stretches of breathtaking landscapes. You’ll cycle past fields of flowers, plus 19th century homes, churches and barns and tree-dotted hills as far as the eye can see. Keep an eye out for white tailed deer, black bears, coyotes, turkeys, and more. Plus, the route is totally free of cars until 10 AM every Saturday and Wednesday from May to September, making it even more accommodating for beginners on two wheels.

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6. Medicine Bow Rail Trail - Laramie, WY

If a remote flight through the wilderness with your Bluejay is what you’re after this summer, then book a trip to this Wyoming destination. The Medicine Bow Rail Trail is 21 miles of pure, unfiltered nature located about 30 miles from the nearest city—so yeah, it’s certainly secluded. But that means the wildlife (including moose and elk) is abundant and the landscape feels untouched, save for the gravel path of the rail trail and the abandoned train caboose that’s been left near Lake Owen. The family friendly excursion will take around 6 hours to complete, and it’s steeped in history, too. A number of native tribes lived off of the land, including the Arapaho and Cheyenne, offering a great opportunity to dive into the rich past of this stunning corner of America.

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7. Rim Drive in Crater National Park - Klamath Falls, OR

The very best day to plan your visit to this 33-mile trek around Crater Lake on one of the days when the road is open only to cyclists and pedestrians. That way you can spend more time enjoying the lake’s deep blue water from behind your handlebars and less time moving over on the shared road as a car approaches. The relatively tough Rim Drive route in Crater National Park includes plenty of sharp climbs (though you’ll find that pedal assist makes them totally do-able, without too much effort) and steep descents, on roads that err on the narrower side—sans shoulder. But the views, well, they make this adventure worth it. Just know that this particular destination is best suited for seasoned riders who can handle the high altitude, the frequent changes in pitch and experience riding alongside busy roads.

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8. Boston, MA

Yes, we’re putting the entire city of Boston on this list (and we’re also adding the city of Cambridge into this very broad suggestion). It’s a surprisingly family-friendly city to cruise through, while also offering tons of significant pit stops. It’s easy enough to plan a few days of two-wheeled exploration throughout this New England city with your own mapping skills. Just be sure to cycle along the 2.5 mile Freedom Trail, hitting a ton of Boston’s historic sites along the way, in addition to taking a lazy ride through the campuses of Harvard and MIT—a great place to enjoy a shady ride on hot summer days. Then, be sure to spend some time checking out the bike trails that run along the Charles River. You’ll get great outlooks of the city from these vantage points and you can complete the full 25.5 mile loops (which takes around 7.5 hours in total) or simply hit the parts that work best for your itinerary.


Have fun on your next summer adventure!


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