How to Pack the Perfect Picnic in the Pannier Nantucket Basket, Based On Your Destination

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We’re total suckers for a good accessory and it really doesn’t get much better than the Pannier Nantucket Basket, which can easily be attached and removed from the rear rack of your Bluejay bike. And it even features a carrying handle, for all off-pedal adventures. Not only is this woven rattan number retro-chic but it can hold a ton of grub (yeah, it’s basically your bike’s trunk) and won’t interfere with your ride, whatsoever. So, what’s the best use of a Pannier Nantucket Basket? Using it to pack the perfect picnic, of course. Here, five picnic destinations and the travel-friendly menu you should pack for each.  

The Beach

It doesn’t have to be 80 degrees and sunny to enjoy a beach picnic. In fact, if you layer strategically, you can pull off a beach excursion during almost any season of the year…except maybe in the dead of winter. And the brilliance of the Pannier Nantucket Basket is that you can lock up your bike and easily tote your picnic feast to the perfect spot, even if it’s a 15-minute walk from the bike racks. Your trek will definitely be worth it if you plan your adventurous picnic in time to catch the sunset. 

What to pack: Okay, this might require a little bit of strategic packing and stacking, but there’s nothing better than a good beach taco. And we’re talking about one with all the fixings—including guac and salsa. You’re going to want to pack almost every component of the taco separately and then arrange your perfect bite on the beach. So, be sure to keep your tortillas, fillings (which could include carnitas or chicken, beans, rice, onions, tomatoes and garnishes like cilantro) in their own separate containers. And don’t forget the tortilla chips. To wash down all that deliciousness, mix up a batch of margaritas and bring it with you in a thermos. Cheers to this brilliant meal.


Your Fave Park

Grab your plaid blanket because a picnic in the park might seem super cliché but we’re all about this timeless tradition. So, set your destination for your nearest patch of green grass, get dressed in a sweet sundress and don’t forget the retro sunglasses. It might seem like a basic Saturday activity, but you can definitely make it a ‘Gram-worthy one, too.  

What to pack: You truly can’t get more traditional for a picnic than a spread of sandwiches. But that doesn’t mean your meal has to be boring. We’re all about making a few different between-the-bread varieties—from pulled chicken to a green goddess veggie and even a waffled hash brown croque monsieur—then cutting each sandwich into quarters. That way, everyone in your crew can get a taste of each creation. Brew up some iced tea, or go wild with a hibiscus brew, and slice up some watermelon for dessert. Go on and spice your fruit up with tajin, a delicious Mexican seasoning made of chili powder, lime and sea salt.


The Local Vineyard

Hot tip: There’s no need to pack drinks when your destination is the closest winery. Check the information before you arrive, but plenty of vineyards have rolling green lawns (often with views of the grapes still growing on the vine) where you can set up a day-long picnic. All you need to do is buy a few bottles—or glasses—of vino. And, naturally, your menu should complement whatever you’re sipping.

What to pack: Stock up on cheese, because a day at the winery calls for an on-the-go charcuterie board. Surprisingly, they’re pretty easy to pack and quickly arrange upon arrival. One smart tip from Nosh and Nourish is to follow the rule of twos. As in, bring at least two of each category: pre-cut fruit and veggies, crackers, nuts and dried fruits, meats, olives and, of course, cheese. To make your charcuterie board feel more like a meal, pack a baguette and some delicious dips (or blend up some homemade hummus). And don’t forget to throw in all the utensils you’ll need, including spreading knives for the cheese.


Your BFF’s Rooftop

Riding over to see friends means you should dress bake to impress. With your roomy Pannier Basket, you don’t have to fret about your creations getting tossed, tumbled and ruined as you bike over. Consider this your permission to pull out the stand mixer and get wild. 

What to pack: You could go traditional with a quiche Lorraine (how Parisian of you!) or you could try something totally unexpected, like a goat cheese and roasted carrot tart. Regardless, we’re sure your pastry creation will be brilliant. Whip up delicious side of smashed buttermilk potato salad and finish things off with a batch of raspberry crumble bars. All your bestie has to do is provide the bubbly (and the sparkling water).  


A Botanical Garden

Sure, you might have to pay admission to get onto the grounds of a botanical garden but dining among the flowers will totally be worth it. Not to mention, you’ll be able to spend your entire day drooling over orchids or cherry blossoms—especially if you plan this memorable day in early spring. There’s truly no better way to appreciate the best time of year.  

What to pack: There’s something about being around gorgeous plants that inspires us to eat vegetarian. Which makes this a great chance to try out a jam jar salad. For the uninitiated, this is an entire salad that’s been strategically layered into a jar. It’s easy to chop and create, then toss in your picnic basket; once you’ve settled on a spot for lunch, all you have to do is pour in dressing, shake it all up and your salad is ready to eat. No extra dishes needed! Finish off your super healthy meal with a sweet springtime treat, like a mini blueberry hand pie. Delish. 

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