People Are Talking About Bluejay Bikes...And Here’s What They’re Saying

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We’re firm believers that Bluejay Bikes are the coolest e-bikes out there...but we might be a little biased. So, we thought we’d highlight what everyone else is saying about our two wheels (plus that handy little battery-powered motor). Here are some recent press clips, shoutouts from you and some social media comments we just can’t get over. 

Goop thinks our bike is a great gift to give...yourself. We’d have to agree.
Yup, even if it’s no longer the holiday season, you have every excuse to treat yourself to a little something.  

They also adore our special edition designs—bring on the swag.

While our Premiere Edition metallic colorway might not be available anymore, we think Mint Green is just as memorable.

Rumer Willis officially announced that she’s a Bluejay fan (and the feeling’s mutual).

She wrote on Instagram: “Took this gorgeous thing for a ride almost everyday while I was up in Idaho and I must say it was my favorite part of the day.” She finished off her post: “@bluejaybikes I am in love.” Cue the heart-eye emojis.  

She’s not the only one finding the time to post about her Bluejay adventures. 

“I'm out riding around every day, going places I would never have gone on a bike due to all the hills around here!, ”JoAnn Y. commented on our Instagram page (FYI, you can find us here). And Claire S. used the comment section to share a few of her fave features: “The battery lasts FOR-EV-ER. I load my little 10 month old on the baby seat and we ride for hours! It truly is one of our most favorite activities.” We’re just waiting on an adorable snap of that setup...

While Sunset has claimed we’re giving them a welcome excuse to get some fresh air.

“I’ve had quite a few beach cruisers over the years but always gave up on the idea of riding them around my neighborhood, mainly because L.A.’s hilly neighborhoods are near impossible,” reads the article. “So I was pleasantly surprised to discover Bluejay Bicycles, which seamlessly merges sleek design and the latest in electric bike technology...It also gets up to 75 miles between charges, which is pretty perfect for any beach picnic and back.”

Even our founder, Jen Cohen Bogan, is on the receiving end of texts from riders who can’t get enough of life on two wheels.. 

Smelling the roses and pedaling? Now that’s what we call multitasking.

...And everyone from moms to former military pilots are equally obsessed.

Here’s what Elizabeth wrote on our site: “I literally spent two years looking for the right eBike—a cute, mom-friendly step-thru with the requisite accessories, but also the build to handle hills, carry a toddler, and even hit the gravel path. I'm happy to report that the Bluejay has delivered on all these fronts. Customer service has also been five-stars, with attention to detail and customer delight."

And Bruce V. gave Bluejay a very honorable stamp of approval: "[As] a retired military experimental test pilot, it's very obvious to me that you've focused on quality throughout the design." We’ll gladly take the compliment, thanks Bruce.

Finally, Vogue thinks we’re a smart option for a thoughtful (and eco-chic) gift.

Who are we to argue with that!?

In Addition To Signature Blue, Bluejay Bikes Come In These Available Colors:

Mint Green Electric Bike

Pink Electric Bike

Rose Gold Electric Bike

White Electric Bike

Black Electric Bike

Silver Electric Bike


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