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straw hat bike helmet
straw hat bike helmet - cute bike helmet that looks like a hat
cute bike helmet - straw hat bike helmet
cute bike helmet that looks like a hat
inside straw hat bike helmet
Woman wearing straw hat bike helmet

Straw Hat Bike Helmet and Cover

Note: This straw hat bike helmet runs small. Consider sizing up. 

All style. No sweat. Our Straw Hat Bike Helmet is a contemporary interpretation of vintage style updated for the sensation-seeking modern wearer. This cute bike helmet that looks like a hat provides both fashion and protection.


Century old millinery techniques created to ensure elegant finishings combine with the high tech materials necessary to turn this classic hat style into a practical bicycle accessory.


A dermatologist approved 3” halo brim evokes imagery of Sophia Loren along the Amalfi Coast while protecting the skin from UV rays.


A memory plastic reinforcement wire is sewn into the brim with a tried and true millinery technique utilizing a grosgrain binding. This attention to detail means the brim will maintain integrity even if the hat is scuffed or a thread breaks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sarah L.
Wonderful bike

This bike is gorgeous and a joy to ride. It’s mechanisms are very easy to use and I have just thoroughly enjoyed getting back to riding!

Heidi S.
Worth the price

Love this helmet. Looks good, fits well and is comfortable. Love the hole for locking the helmet.

Daisy B.
Love my BlueJay!

I have never been so obsessed with being outside until I got my hands on a Bluejay Bike! The presentation is so beautiful and vintage looking. I get questions all the time about where I got my bike and how they want a bike that looks exactly like mine! I always tell them that they have to check out bluejay bicycles and they will not be disappointed. Riding the bike is a wonderful experience too! I have a bike seat for my daughter and we enjoy the smoothness and speed we get out of our rides. I love the fact that I can ride it like a regular bicycle when I want and then use the battery for some “action.” I feel so safe with all the safety features like the lights and the locks. I also got the basket and it has come in handy so many times. It allows me to bike to the farmers market and not have to worry about where I can place my purchases. My daughter and I are truly obsessed!

Katie S.
So happy!

Most ebikes are SO ugly, so I was so happy when I found Bluejay! I was a little nervous, since they are fairly new and there isn't a lot out there about them. No need to worry, they are great! My husband also purchased a different ebike- I SMOKE him going up hills, and my battery lasts much longer. I've put over 400 miles on it, and have even taken it on a bikepacking trip, it did great! I do live in an area with pretty beat up roads and I rattle around quite a bit, so I will say this is best suited to smoother roads. It's not really the bike's fault, but it should be noted. I only wish I lived somewhere with great weather year round so I could ride this every day!

Michael G.

We decided to purchase two BLUEJAYS rather than two different E-Bikes in order to simplify the learning curve of adapting to a new bicycling adventure. I knew if my E-bike was the same as my wife’s I would be able to answer all of her questions and concerns since I would probably have the same questions. Since we would not be able to purchase a Black bike until January I thought I would be happy with the classic Blue. I have to say that I have been happy with the color and would not change the color now even if I could. We have been very pleased with the performance of the bikes. We live in Northern Virginia close to Washington D.C. The weather in the summer can be hot and humid. The terrain is fairly hilly. Using a regular bicycle is a workout and you need to plan for distance and routes. The BLUEJAY eliminates all the planning because distance and time are not a consideration. The biggest problem is should we just skip dinner and keep biking.

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