An E-Biker’s List of New Year's Resolutions

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New year, new…approach to biking? 

Okay, that might not be how the saying actually goes, but it is widely believed that the more specific your goals are—yes, including New Year's resolutions—the more likely you are to actually achieve them. So for 2022, instead of saying “I want to get in shape” or “I’d love to spend more time outside,” why not instead set your intention to “I want to spend at least five hours a week on my Bluejay bike.” With that kind of mindset, you’ve got a tangible objective that you can start working towards by hitting the pedals for a ride around the block; over time you work your way towards those five hours in any way you see fit.

With that approach in mind, here are 5 New Year’s resolutions for E-bikers (and also those who are aiming to become one) that can be achieved well before 2023 comes into the rearview mirror.

  1. Replace At Least One Car Ride With a Bike Ride Each Week
    Here’s a goal that’s just as good for you as it is for the environment! Biking is far more eco-friendly than hopping in a car (we’ve got more details on that here) but it can also turn a boring errand into a relaxing experience, complete with outdoor time and a little bit of exercise (or not, if you’d prefer to rely on your motor to do all the work).

    We think this resolution is a really good way to frame the concept of simply wanting to ride your bike more, as it not only provides the framework to easily achieve this goal—once a week isn’t really all that much—but it also benefits the world around you. And it’s a really fun goal that can involve the entire family. So, start planning to bike to the Saturday morning farmers’ market or turn Wednesdays into your “commute to work/school on two wheels day.” Just don’t be surprised if you start to reach for your bike on a more regular basis than your car keys…

  2. Get Your Bike Serviced Regularly (And Keep it In Good Shape)
    If one of your other New Year’s resolutions is to get a physical and to finally get that weird pain in your neck checked out, well, this is kind of the same…just for your bike. You function at your best when you’re in good physical health and your bike is, surprisingly, no different. 

We made an easy-to-follow blog post here on how often to service your bike and what specific parts to check on, all organized by a weekly, monthly and bi-annual cadence. So go ahead and add these dates to your calendar. It might feel like a lot of work to check your brake cables and lubricate the drive chain but remember, making sure those work correctly will keep you safe while also allowing you to have the best possible bike ride, every single time. Plus, if all that sounds like too much work for you to do, you could always find a local bike shop that specializes in e-bikes and drop your Bluejay off for the pros to look after. Just remind yourself: A happy e-bike means a happy e-biker.  

  1. Take a Spin On Some Real Terrain
    You don’t need our new Sport Electric Bike to hit a rocky, hilly and tree-filled trail (though it certainly doesn’t hurt, especially if said terrain is pretty tricky) but we think this goal will be useful to help you get out of your comfort zone. If you tend to prefer flat, paved paths and the bike lane on the quietest street in town, maybe you should try to test your limits this year and see how a little adventure feels with your Bluejay. Who knows, it could be just the adrenaline rush you need to discover a whole new world of excitement. 

And what happens if you find that those paved paths are still what you prefer? Well, at least you tried out something new and learned that your current favorite path is most definitely your favorite place to bike. 

  1. Tackle the Biggest Hill In Town—Without Your Battery Pack
    Yes, we know you got an e-bike for a reason. And that reason was that you hate biking hills…but they’re just such a good form of cardio. Plus, you’ll feel so proud of yourself when you’re finally able to bike from bottom to top without stopping once to catch your breath.

    This is one of those objectives that you should totally set yourself up to work towards. Saying that you’ll nail that huge hill the first go-around is a bit unreasonable. Instead, convince yourself that you can bike the first ¼ of the hill and use your battery pack for the rest. Each time you approach the hill, try to use your battery pack less and less, until you’re able to reach that crest without any assistance at all. 

And your resolution doesn’t have to be completed once you’ve gotten to that point! Consistently try to beat your best time, work on biking the hill without huffing and puffing…or find a bigger hill that to become the focal point of your next challenge. Not only will this resolution help you get into shape but we think it’ll create a healthy dose of self-competition that’ll keep you encouraged to regularly hop on your bike.

  1. Treat Your Bluejay to Some Beach Views
    Make 2022 the year that you bike to the beach all the time. If you live in a coastal city or town, this could be as easy as heading out in the morning with a seaside destination in mind. But if you live a bit further inland, let this be a challenge to take a day trip to the shore with the intention of riding your Bluejay on the boardwalk. Or even planning a whole vacation where you bike to and from different bay beaches and ocean-front enclaves for an entire week.

    FYI, you might find that parking your car in a town and pedaling to sandy beaches offers you even better access than you could’ve imagined. We’re looking at you, resident-only parking lots that have ample bike racks and the most stunning, empty stretches of water.


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