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Calling all adventurous types and those whose New Year’s resolutions included a promise to “take more risks!” Bluejay has a brand new bike that’s ready to take you off the beaten track, quite literally. The Bluejay Sport has all the features you know and love in our e-bikes, but it’s a hybrid model that works just as well on paved streets as it does on rugged terrain.

We like to think of the Sport as the SUV of e-bikes, since it’s made for a city to mountain lifestyle (and yes, it’s legal on many roadways and non-pedestrian paths). Available in two size options, M/L for those 5’3” and taller and L/XL for the 5’10” and over group, this bike also comes in 3 matte aluminum color options: Blue, Army Green and Black. And it’s lightweight, too.

How else does the Sport bike differ from our Premiere Edition? It’s all in the fine details. Take a look at the Sport’s saddle, which is slimmer and sleeker (though no less comfy!) and the cross-country handlebars with ergonomic grips. This straight across design is also located a bit lower on the Sport bike versus the Premiere Edition, which allows you to push your weight forward, a super helpful feature when you’re tackling super steep inclines.

And when it comes to the tech, we did not skimp! The long-lasting 48V Phylion battery pack is good for 75 miles (yes, on just one charge) and the motor can hit speeds of 28 MPH, thanks to the 500W mid-drive torque sensor motor from Bafang. There are also five different levels of pedal assist, so you can change it based on your desired effort level or the route you’re pedaling on and the 10-speed Shimano gear hub is able to shift quickly, even on rough terrain. 

We’re also huge fans of the Tektro hydraulic disc brakes that are designed to react in an instant—even when you’re cruising at high speeds. And check those Nano/Venture 29-inch all-road tires from WTB that are quite literally designed to handle any sort of adventure you want to get into. Go ahead, hit that nearly vertical trail with lots of rocks, boulders and even exposed roots, your Bluejay Sport can handle it. 

We also included a rugged battery powered light in the front and rear, to keep you safe after the sun sets (or before, if you’re more of a sunrise biker) and there’s an advanced display that’s Bluetooth enabled. Now you can track even more stats, including speed, the power of your lights, battery life, mileage and more—numbers nerds rejoice! 

For your smallest passengers, the Sport is equipped with a rear rack that supports up to 55 pounds and has enough room to fit a child’s seat. For all of your schlepping (from farmers’ market hauls to office-ready totes and even camping gear), the front rack is equipped to hold up to 24 pounds. 

However, you’ll have to be a little bit patient before this new bike lands on your doorstep. Pre-ordering is now open for Bluejay Sport and our newest design will start shipping in Spring 2022, which gives you plenty of time to start planning weekend trips to the mountains and making plans to hit the local trails. Looks like it’s going to be an action-packed year ahead…

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