What’s the Best e-Bike Helmet?

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Safety always comes first, which is why we think finding the best e-bike helmet should be a major priority for every rider, regardless of whether you’re a cycling daredevil or more of a casual cruiser. E-bikes, like our Premiere Edition and Bluejay Sport, can hit speeds of up to 20 MPH with pedal assist so you want to make sure that head of yours is protected against any worst case scenarios. Simply put, wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of severe injury and, in some situations, it can even save your life. 

However, not all helmets are designed equally. You’ll be safest wearing a dedicated bike helmet, since it’s made to protect your head for the pedaling you’ll be doing. And you’ll want to seek out models that have met the requirements of mandatory safety standards. Specifically, bikers should look for helmets that come with certification from Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This is a requirement for helmets in the US and simply means they have met the standard level of protection from head impact. You can also look out for EN 1078, which is a similar European standard for helmet safety.

Once you’ve found the right helmet model for your two wheels, it’s time to get into the fit. Look for a helmet that includes a dial fit system, in addition to dedicated sizing, so you can adjust the helmet to suit your noggin. You want it to feel snug but not too tight and you will definitely need that chin strap to do its job—which is to keep your helmet in place! Finally, resist the urge to decorate your lid. While adding stickers or horns might look cool, they could prevent the helmet from keeping you safe during a fall, since a helmet needs a smooth surface to slide in order to protect you. Unless your bike comes with included add-ons, like reflective strips, keep a minimalist approach to your bike helmet aesthetic. 

Best e-Bike Helmet

Now that we’ve got the boring (but also very important!) safety details down, let’s get into our picks for the best e-bike helmet, so you can be well-prepared for your next flight.

Thousand Helmet Heritage Collection

Here at Bluejay, you already know we have a bit of a thing for retro-inspired designs, which explains why we’re such big fans of Thousand Helmets. Not only are they based on retro motorcycle lids and come in muted tones reminiscent of the ‘50s and ‘60s, but the sleek matte finish helmet is available in three sizes and includes an internal dial fit system, for ultimate protection. 

We’re also pretty obsessed with the discrete functional details, like the 7 hidden air vents and 3 cooling channels, and the secret poplock, so you can easily secure your helmet with your bike using almost any U-Lock or chain lock. Yup, that means you never have to carry your helmet into brunch ever again! 

As if that wasn’t enough, the vegan microfiber leather straps are sweat-free and feature an easy-to-use magnetic closure, great for securing on-the-go without pinching your fingers. On the safety front, these helmets are CPSC and EN 1078 Safety Certified, so you can ride knowing your precious noggin is safe.

Shop Thousand Helmet Heritage Collection in Carbon Black
Shop Thousand Helmet Heritage Collection in Arctic Grey

Thousand Jr Kids Bike Helmet 

Yup, Thousand also offers helmets in kids’ sizes (suitable for ages 5 to 11) that are also equipped with a dial-fit system, to fit those growing brains. Made to fit head circumferences from 49 cm to 53 cm, Thousand Jr helmets also feature a chin strap, for utmost comfort and (hopefully) a lot less whining. 

These pint-sized designs come equipped with 6 airflow vents and are shoppable in a slew of eye-catching colors from sparkling silver to simple pink and blue. If that’s not enough pizzazz, they also come with a pack of reflective stickers (that are removable) for decoration that’s also a useful safety feature.

Certified to CE, CPSC, and ASTM standards, Thousand Jr helmets can also be used for rollerblading, skateboarding and, of course, biking.

Shop Thousand Jr Kids Bike Helmet in So Silver
Shop Thousand Jr Kids Bike Helmet in Blazing Blue
Shop Thousand Jr Kids Bike Helmet in Power Pink

Straw Hat Bike Helmet and Cover

It might look like a vintage-inspired straw hat, ready for a boho picnic, but this stylish lid is actually a helmet. Yup, tucked underneath that woven straw and grosgrain ribbon (all of which has been crafted using traditional, century-old millinery techniques) is a protective must-have for e-bikes. It’s built to last, too, thanks to the reinforced 3” brim that features a memory plastic reinforcement wire that can withstand scuffs, bends or almost anything that comes with an active lifestyle. So go ahead and live your best Sophia Loren life. This stylish helmet has you covered from extra bright sun rays and unexpected bumps in the road.

Shop Straw Hat Bike Helmet and Cover



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