The 10 Very Best Electric Bike Accessories

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 Sure, you could assemble your Bluejay Bike as soon as it arrives on your doorstep and head out for a ride (in fact, we think you should do that). But once you start riding regularly or adding lengthier trips to your routine, you’ll want to buy yourself the very best electric bike accessories. Some of the items on this list will make your cruises more enjoyable, while others will help ensure your safety. Regardless, we think all 10 of the best electric bike accessories are a total must-have. Consider this your go-ahead to embark on a bit of a shopping spree.


Best Electric Bike Accessories

Rear Basket


There are so many good baskets it’s hard to choose just one. Especially since you can pick yours based on your biking (and your personal) needs. If you’re a no frills, all-weather biker, the waterproof Ortlieb Back Roller Classic is your bag. Go ahead and stuff it with all your daily essentials, since this basket bag can be carried around by the shoulder strap. For an option that combines form and function, the various Cisco Pannier Baskets hit the spot. Woven from natural rattan fibers, available in Cruiser white, Nantucket tan and weathered Tuckernuck, these baskets are substantial enough for all of your farmers’ market hauls. If you need to secure items in your rear rack you can use a Delta cargo net. And for the most stylish cyclers of all, the Half Circle Bamboo Bike Bag can’t be beat. It attaches to your bike, and closes, via leather straps. And when you’ve arrived at the park or the cocktail party, it can be easily removed and tucked under your arm as a clutch. 

best electric bike accessories Bluejay front basket

Bluejay Front Basket Rack

You’ve got baskets installed on the back of your bike–but what if you need to lug around even more? Our Front Basket Rack comes in eight colors (to match whichever color your bike is) and can carry up to 24 pounds. But don’t worry, it’s designed to be extra stable – even around sharp turns – since it attaches to your bike frame instead of the handlebars. Plus, it’s big enough to carry a few grocery bags, a laptop case or really anything you might need to schlep around. 

GoPro Hero09 Black

If you just placed an order for a Bluejay Sport Electric Bike, we suggest having a stress-free way to take videos and pictures of your most epic rides. And there’s no better camera option for that than a GoPro. The Hero09 is super impressive with features like 5K video (plus 20 megapixel photos) and HyperSmooth 3.0 for stabilization, so you won’t get dizzy while watching and rewatching that nearly-vertical ascent. Affix yours to the handlebars (which will be super easy since this GoPro model is compatible with 30 mounts) and get out there.

Light & Motion Seca Comp 1500 Bike Light

When it comes to bike lights, you want one that does it all, just like this Light & Motion model. In daytime mode, the handlebar mounted light pulses for maximum visibility on the road. And at night the LED array combines a spot beam with a diffused flood beam, so you’ll get a clear range of vision even on super dark trails.  

thousand helmet heritage in black - electric bike accessories

Thousand Helmet Heritage Collection Helmet

Available in three sizes – and three colors – this just might be the most stylish way to have a safe ride. Plus, it has a dial fit system so you can ensure the proper snugness, every time. The minimalist design is vintage inspired, just like the Premiere Edition, and it’s packed with smart details including a magnetic buckle, eco-friendly vegan straps, 7 discrete air vents and a secret pop lock so you can lock up your helmet with your U-lock or chain. 

Delta Grande Beverage Holder

Whether your preferred biking beverage is water, cold brew or Diet Coke, this smartly designed cup holder will keep your drink right where you need it. As in, not sloshed all over the place, thanks to the rubber grips on the inside. The expandable design will accommodate cups and thermoses of almost all sizes. 

Slimlink Smartphone Holder

This smartphone holder will keep your device secure, so you don’t have to stress about it flying out as you tackle hills, bumpy terrain or even the beach boardwalk. There’s a universal adapter and universal bar mount, to give you peace of mind on those super rough rides. So you can fasten the holder to your handlebars and forget it.

Topeak Deluxe Accessory Kit

It might not be the sexiest accessory but this tiny essential toolkit will keep you riding confident, knowing you’ll be able to fix your bike in a pinch. Packed in the compact bag is a tire pump, an 11-function mini-tool, a Torx T20 L-type wrench and a pair of levers. Simply attach it to your bike seat with the nylon straps and you’re well-prepared for any cycling mishap. 


VSSL First Aid

Yes, this is another “better safe than sorry” purchase, but trust us when we say that no one has ever regretted bringing a first aid kit on a bike ride. This extensive set has over 60 essential items, from vinyl gloves to tweezers, plus thermometers, butterfly bandages, burn cream, blister pads, a variety of bandage sizes and more. The whole kit rolls up to fit into a tube that has a 4-mode LED flashlight on one end and a precision compass on the other. And that’s on being super prepared.

Spurcycle Original Bell

Yes, adults should have bike bells, too. Because they’re not just cute accoutrements for your handlebars but also a great way to stay safe on the road. And the super sleek Spurcycle Original Bell is engineered to be heard. In fact, it rings three times longer than most other bike bells, creates a nice, loud chime and is super easy to ring while on-the-go.

Want to learn more about Bluejay Bikes? Visit our website here. We also offer plenty of info on how to maintain your bike and best practices for riders on our Owner’s Portal, found here. 


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